The Accident
Season One, Episode Eight
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The Accident is the eighth chapter of the Glee fanfiction, Don't Stop Believin'

It is written by Touchinos.


The chapter started with Ryder raging and angry because of what happened to his girlfriend, Marley while Mercedes tries to calm him down but he wont let her. Ryder became more angry when Ruby entered and he slapped her hard that made her fall and walked out when Mercedes tries to let them sit and talk it all out.

Ryder went to the hospital where Marley is currently confined, full of bruises everywhere, unconscious. Some of the New Directions' members also went and Millie Rose, Marley's mother is also seen there, crying and praying. After a few moments, the doctor came and said that Marley might stay unconscious for 10 weeks, maximum. To lighten up the mood on the room, the doctor said that Marley only broke few bones and her head is not that damaged.

In New York, Blaine moved out leaving Kurt lonely. When Kurt is having his "Beauty Time" in the bathroom, Finn said that someone's looking for him, and when he went out, he thought that it was Blaine but it was Chandler. He and Chandler went to NYADA and met Cassie July, their Dance 101 teacher who insulted them when they come.

Back at McKinley, The New Directions singing Seasons Of Love with the newbies (Grace, Cole, Peter, Tim and Greg) and the others leading and after singing, a mysterious girl ended the chapter by appearing on the choir room wearing a uniform.


Song(s): Original Artist: Performer(s):
Seasons of Love Cast of Rent New Directions
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