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Take Me Home
Season Two, Episode Twelve
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"A New Warbler"
Take Me Home is twelfth chapter of Senior Year and the forty-second chapter overall.


After Shelby and April's temporary absence, Kylene and Louis takes charge of the Glee Club for a week. They assigned the week to be a tribute to their all-time favourite band, One Direction. 

In New York, a newly arrived Sebastian moves in with Hummelberrypez-Hudson/Anderson apartment for a while.Blaine asks why Sebastian suddenly moves in with them and Sebastian confessed that he's dropping out of Dalton Academy and follow his dream in New York, when Blaine asks what that dream is, Sebastian said he's still figuring that out and that's where Blaine tries to convince Sebastian to go back to Dalton Academy. Meanwhile, the lonely Santana receives a visit from her girlfriend, Brittany. Rachel and Finn moves out of their apartment and started living in a small apartment with Finn Hudson Jr. 

Back in Lima, Peter is still scared to go back to McKinley after the incident and Louis tries to convince him to go back to school but still, he refuses to. So Louis asks Greg for help.


Kylene: Louis, we need to talk.

Louis: Listen Black Elsa, I don't have the time and energy to be a bitch to you because I'm still having some problems with Peter, so just back the fuck off. Please.

Kylene: Oh. No. Its about the Glee clubs. Ms. Corcoran and April are absent today.

Louis: So? You want to take over the two clubs? Be my guest.

Kylene: I'm trying to be civilized with you. I was thinking we should take over due to our directors' absence and bring the two clubs together.

Louis: What are you trying to get at, Puckerman?

Kylene: I'm saying, we should do a 1D tribute and that could attract Peter back to school? I mean, who doesn't love them?

Louis: Fans of The Wanted?

Kylene: So are you with me or not?

Louis: I'll regret doing this but, you got me on board.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Through The Dark One Direction Louis Rose and Peter Cliff
One Thing (Acoustic Version) Sebastian Smythe
She's Not Afraid Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce
Don't Forget Where You Belong Blaine Anderson and Sebastian Smythe
Na Na Na Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson
Kiss You New Directions, Blaine Anderson and Sebastian Smythe with Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik