Mercedes Jones
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Family & Friends
Friends: Kurt Hummel

Rachel Berry
Finn Hudson
Santana Lopez
Blaine Anderson

Other Information
Interests: Singing, fashion, tater tots
Talent: Singing, dancing
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Amber Riley
Mercedes Jones is a main character on Glee. She is an alumna of William McKinley High School, where she actively participated in the school's main glee club the New Directions and The God Squad. She was also the leader of the school's second glee club, The Troubletones, run by Shelby Corcoran.

At the end of Season Three, her future plans are revealed. She accepted a recording contract on an indie label and therefore moved to Los Angeles, where she also attends classes at UCLA. In the past, she has also spent time as a member of the Cheerios, which she joined alongside her then-best friend Kurt Hummel. Mercedes considers herself a diva at heart, and she is contented with being labelled as such. At the beginning of the series, Mercedes develops a close friendship with Kurt, being the first person that he comes out to about his sexuality. Mercedes has dated Sam Evans twice. After Sam moved out of town after New York, she dated a football player named Shane Tinsley, but ultimately left him to date Sam Evansagain.

Mercedes was the first to audition for the glee club. She now has a contract to be an R&B backup singer on an indie record label as stated in Goodbye. She returns to McKinley at times to be the vocal coach for the school's production of Grease and in order to mentor Unique before Sectionals. She was also back in Wonder-ful, to be the vocal coach in preparation for Regionals. 

She is portrayed by actress and singer Amber Riley.