Kurt Elizabeth Hummel
Kurt Hummel
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Glasz
Birthday: May 27, 1993
Address: 415 Whitman Avenue Lima, Ohio 45802

New York

Occupation(s): Waiter at Spotlight Diner

Student at New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts
Intern at
Former William McKinley High School Student
Former New Directions member
Former Sue's Kids member
Former Dalton Academy Warblers member
Former Cheerios member
Former Titans player

Aliases: Lady (Azimio, Sue)

Lance Bass (Puck)
Lady Hummel (Jacob, Santana, Brittany)
11-year-old milkmaid (Emma Pillsbury)
Gash (Dakota)
New Kid, Dummy, The Person I Love, The Single Most Interesting Kid In All Of Ohio, The Love Of My Life, Stranger, My Soulmate, My Ex, My One True Love, My Amazing Friend (Blaine)
My Best Gay, Glinda, Gaylinda, Babe (Rachel)
Fancy, Homo, Ladyboy (David)
The Queen Freak (Azimio)
(Sweet/Gentle) Porcelain, Kiddo, Gay Kid, Yasser, Eddie Munster, Gelfling, Tickle-Me-Dough-Face, Lady Face, Lady Trousers, Son of Burt 'Baboon Heart' Hummel, Porcelina, He/She, Twinkle Tush (Sue)
My Happy Happy Unicorn (Brittany)
The Mayor of Gaytown, Arm Gays (with Blaine), Baby (Mercedes)
Lady Lips, Teen Gay, Grandma, Prancy Smurf, Wonder Twin, Pretty Pony, Richard Simmons, Gay Winklevii Twin, Porcelain, Hardy Boys (with Adam), Lady Elaine Fairchilde (Santana)
Lady Fabulous (Tina)
Chazz Dolaldswoth (Fake ID)
Old Betty White (Sebastian)
The Pasty Faced Ghost Boy (Jesse)
Mr. Wedding Planner, Gay Hutch (Burt)
Certain young wedding planner (Minister)
Sassy Male Student (Figgins)
Garçon (Kitty)
My Friend (Isabelle)
Little Brother, Faith Hill, My Gay Stepbrother (Finn)
Little Lord Gay Boy (Ryder in Artie's Dream)
Super Homo (Finn in Artie's Dream)
Kurt Elizabeth Hummel (himself)

Family & Friends
Family: Burt Hummel (father)

Mrs. Hummel (mother; deceased)
Carole Hudson-Hummel (stepmother)
Finn Hudson (stepbrother; deceased)
Aunt Mildred
Uncle Andy

Relationships: Blaine Anderson (sexual, in love with, best friend)

Brittany Pierce (ex-beard; friends)
Tina Cohen-Chang (ex-beard; friends)
Finn Hudson (ex-crush; step-brothers)
Sam Evans (ex-crush; friends)
Chandler Kiehl (crusher; exchanged flirty texts)
David Karofsky (crusher; kissed involuntarily)
Mercedes Jones (former crusher; friends)
Adam Crawford (ex-boyfriend)

Friends: Rachel Berry (best friend)

Santana Lopez (best friend)
Finn Hudson
Mercedes Jones

Employer: Isabelle Wright at

Hummel Tires & Lube
Gunther at Spotlight Diner

Enemies: Blaine Anderson (Blaine's side)
Other Information
Interests: Fashion


Clique: New Directions (former)

NYADA (New York)

Education: Dalton Academy Warblers (Former)

William McKinley High School (Graduated)
New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (NYADA)

Talent: Performing, Singing, Piano, Acting, Fashion, Football
Strengths: compassion, courage, wit, keeping secrets, resilience, individuality
Weaknesses: Bullies, homophobia, loved ones getting hurt
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Chris Colfer
Kurt Elizabeth Hummel is a main character on Glee Fanfiction, Don't Stop Believin. He is an alumnus of William McKinley High School and the first known openly gay student to attend McKinley High. Kurt is also a former member of the Cheerios, the New Directions, the Titans and The Warblers. He currently lives in New York with his friends Rachel, and Santana. Before and in Season One, he was living alone with his father, as his mother died when he was eight.

In Season Two, Kurt transferred to Dalton Academy, due to being bullied by David Karofsky, because of his sexuality. It is at Dalton where he first meets Blaine in Never Been Kissed. However, Kurt later returns to McKinley High in the episode Born This Way, when the threat of bullying has lessened. In Season Three, Kurt's senior year in high school, he attempts to get into the exclusive performance art school NYADA. He does not get accepted, but after graduating high school at the end of Season Three he goes to New York City anyway at the start of Season Four. During Season Four, he moves in with Rachel in New York and works at Vogue. He is attending NYADA after he was accepted in Swan Song. Kurt was in a relationship with Blaine Anderson starting in Season Two, but they broke up during the events of The Break-Up. At the start of the fifth season, in Tina in the Sky with Diamonds, he started working at Spotlight Diner along with Rachel,Santana and Dani, while he still works at

He is portrayed by two-time Emmy nominee and Golden Globe winner, writer, author, singer, and actor Chris Colfer.

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