It Takes Two
Season One, Episode Fifteen
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"Twerk, Twerk, Twerk!"
"Battle of the Sexes"
It Takes Two is the fifteenth chapter in the Glee fanfiction, Don't Stop Believin.

It is written by Touchinos and Rej621.


Rachel and Santana comes back to Lima with Finn to help Mercedes mentor the new members. Unique will be bullied by Bree at the girls bathroom. Brittany and Santana will have a conversation about their lovelife. 


1. Rachel - Kylene

2. Mercedes - Grace

3. Santana - Ruby

4. Finn - Gregory

5. Kitty - Timothy

6. Marley - Franklin

7. Jake - Cole


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Don't Rain On My Parade Funny Girl Rachel Berry, Marley Rose, and Kylene Puckerman
Story of My Life One Direction Blaine Anderson, Cole St. Clair, Peter Cliff & Franklin Montgomery
What Now? Rihanna Grace Mitchell, Unique Adams and Mercedes Jones
On The Floor Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull Santana Lopez, Brittany Pierce Kitty Wilde and Ruby Lightwood