Franklin Montgomery
General Information
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 17
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: December 24, 1996
Address: Lima Heights Adjacents

Doncaster, London

Occupation(s): Student

New Directions member

Aliases: British Dude
(almost everyone)
Franklin Monotomy, British Kid (Sue)

British Man Bitch (Bree)
Suspender Dude (Jake)

Family & Friends
Family: Millie Rose (biological mother)
Marley Rose (biological sister)
Unnamed Adoptive Parents
Lottie Montgomery (adoptive younger sister)
Relationships: Grace Mitchell (girlfriend; on hold)
Friends: Peter Cliff (bestfriend)

Unique Adams
Kitty Wilde
Gregory Hanford
Cameron Channing
Marley Rose
Ruby Lightwood
Jake Puckerman
Finn Hudson
Zayn Malik
Liam Payne
Harry Styles
Niall Horan

Enemies: Cole St. Clair

Kylene Puckerman
Bree Roccerson
Jean Baptiste

Other Information
Interests: Rapping, singing, dancing, song writing
Clique: New Directions
Talent: Singing, dancing, rapping
Weaknesses: Peer pressure
Series Information
First appearance: Lady Perry
Portrayer: Louis Tomlinson
Franklin Demetri Montgomery born "Louis William Rose" is a recurring characer in the Glee fanfiction, Don't Stop Believin'. He made his first appearance in Lady Perry, he auditioned for the New Directions performing Double Rainbow by Katy Perry. He quickly becomes friends with Kitty Wilde, Kylene Puckerman and Wade "Unique" Adams, be enemies with Bree Roccerson, form a rivarly with Cole St. Clair, and catches the attention of Grace Mitchell. In Louis, it is revealed that he and Marley Rose share the same mother. In Season Two, he changed his name to "Louis Rose" and he also started a fued with Kylene that reflects Rachel Berry and Mercedes Jones' old fued.

He is portrayed by One Direction's Louis Tomlinson.


Franklin was born December 24, 1996, Christmas Eve in Doncaster. He was put to adoption because his real mother was a teenager at that time, he was left with a birth certificate, stating he was named "Louis William Rose". When he was nine years old when he learned about that story he considered himself a 'mistake' tons of times he tried commiting suicide. Christmas Eve, 2006 he was adopted by a wealthy couple who couldn't make a child, when he was asked if he wanted to keep his birth name or be re-named, he decided to be re-named, thus he was now known as "Franklin Demetri Montgomery". His adoptive parents wanted the best for him, he was given music lessons, private tutors and personal assistants. When he was twelve years old, he moved to Lima, Ohio with his adoptive parents.


Franklin is many sided, he is nice to everyone, but he can be tempermental sometimes if people get in his grill, he is protective of his friends. Like Santana, he insults people in a mean way but only people that he hate. He doesn't care if he offend people with his insults. He is considered a man bitch. He is very competitive and somewhat obnoxious. He has been labeled as immature due to an unstable childhood. He loves with all his heart. He is also been considered bipolar. He has huge trust issues due to his first ever heartbreak


Season One: Solos:

Song Title Original Artist Chapter
Double Rainbow Katy Perry Lady Perry
Made in the USA Demi Lovato World War Regionals

Season One:


Song Title Original Artist Duet with Chapter
#Twerkit Busta Rhymes feat. Nicki Minaj Cole St. Clair Twerk, Twerk, Twerk!
Pretend It's OK Little Mix Bree Roccerson Louis
Story of My Life One Direction Peter Cliff
Summer Love Farewell McKinley!