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Feud 2.0
Season Two, Episode Seven
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"Fanny Sectionals"
"Project Frozen"
Feud 2.0 is the seventh chapter of the second book in the DSB series, "Senior Year".


In New York, Kylene and Rachel are feuding. Ryder and Greg fights for being the Quarterback of the football team. Unique's aunt will visit McKinley High to check on her and crash the bullies, leading to her aunt's feud with Bree. Peter gets bullied which causes Louis to make a decision that would jeopardize his future.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Every Breath You Take The Police Rachel Berry and Kylene Puckerman
Va Va Voom Nicki Minaj Lydia Adams and Bree Roccerson with Cheerios
I Don't Dance Cast of High School Musical Ryder Lynn and Gregory Hanford
Demons Imagine Dragons

Louis Rose and Peter Cliff

Unreleased SongsEdit

  • Defying Gravity/Let It Go by Cast of Wicked/Idina Menzel. Sung by Louis Rose

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