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Fanny Sectionals
Season Two, Episode Six
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"Clash of the Divas"
"Feud 2.0"
Fanny Sectionals is the sixth chapter of the second book of the DSB series, "Senior Year".


Kylene goes back to New York to audition for the role of Fanny Brice with Rachel. Without the 'star' of the group, Louis leads the group to Sectionals while other Seniors disagree.


Song Title Musical Performer(s)
Who Are You Now Funny Girl Rachel Berry
All That Jazz Chicago The Barden Bellas
I'm The Greatest Star/Don't Rain On My Parade Funny Girl Louis Rose and Peter Cliff
I Am Changing Dreamgirls Marley Rose and Unique Adams
You Can't Stop the Beat Hairspray New Directions
Don't Rain on My Parade Funny Girl Kylene Puckerman