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Clash of the Divas
Season Two, Episode Five
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"Fanny Sectionals"
Clash of the Divas is the fifth chapter of the second book of the DSB series, "Senior Year".


Louis (Franklin) and Kylene's rivalry grows as they fight for being the Captain of the New Directions. Kitty, Peter, Unique and Ryder campaigns for the upcoming Senior Class President elections. Kitty and Unique teams up to prove that a female student should be Senior Class President, while Peter and Ryder team up to prove that male students should keep the longing streak of becoming a Senior Class President


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Run The World (Girls) Beyoncé Kylene Puckerman
Diana One Direction Louis Rose
Word Up! Little Mix Peter Cliff, Ryder Lynn, Unique Adams and Kitty Wilde
I Really Want It A Great Big World Louis Rose and Kylene Puckerman